Pysiquiatrics protest

He is a very defender of alternative systems of psyquiatrics. The famous Dr. Peter Breggin from New York is his favourite expert on the materia. Marcos is a member of citizens commission on human rights international and belongs to de Church of Scientology since 2005. CCHR is an organitation that fights agains medical abuses around the world.

Peter Roger Breggin (born May 11, 1936) is an American psychiatrist and critic of shock treatment and psychiatric medication. In his books, he advocates replacing psychiatry's use of drugs and electroconvulsive therapy with psychotherapy, education, empathy, love, and broader human services.[2]

About Benjamin Rush Father of Psychiatry

Conference in Spanish about historic references about psychopathy

Benjamin Rush (1746-1813) is considered the father of Pysichiatry.

pysichiatrics in Cantabria

Marcos is working a program about introducing new techniques of mental therapie in the hospital of Valdecilla in Santander ( Spain). A new website is on the run about this project. 

Marcos is a friend of Oscar Vallina, pyscologist and a defender of the dignity of the pacients at mental institutions. Together they are working on develope teraphies like mindfulness, music therapie, body massage, and others in Sierrallana hospital and Valdecilla.


Marcos wrote the book Diario de un bipolar at hospital in may 2017 and is a novel about his own experience in mental institutions. The storie is very critical about the medications used to cure but in fact are made to kill people for economic interest.

You can check videos to unserstand this point of view 

There you will find how the pyschiatric industrie is connected with terrorism and war interest.

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