Marcos was by confusion  diagnosed in 1998 with bipolar disorder having received various pharmacological treatments to overcome emotionally difficult phases coinciding with affectively complicated episodes in his life, such as the dissolution of his first group, his Divorce, the birth of his third daughter or the death of his mother.

He has carried out various therapies of regression and modern techniques based on the mindfulness, Dianetics and others that certainly have helped him tremendously to overcome various traumas and hardships.

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Oscar Vallina is Marcos's latest psychologyts in Spain and they are working together in incorporate new systems to get better, and modern ways and techniques in the mind system to improve solutions for mental illness in the health public system in Cantabria (Spain). For the moment they have started with technics like mind fullness at Sierra Llana Hospital in Torrelavega and Marcos dreams about incorporate Dianetics to help on the evolution of the pacients. Marcos is doing at the moment his graduation in Dianetics and he will do a seminar to be able to use it on other people in the future.
Marcos is a scientologist since 2005 and although he has been in contact with the organization funded by Ronald Hubbard since then. Now Barcena is tryng to settled in the United States and work hand in hand with hospitals around Europe to connect his relation and action with CCHR to stop psychiatric abuses on mental institutions.