Solidarity liberalism.

In politics Marcos has always been a clear defender of democracy, the rule of law and the separation of powers. It is not considered monarchical but is aware that the role of this institution can be important and even decisive for the course of history, so in some writings has defended that the future of the planet, after all, the home of all , it passes by the acceptance that the royalty must and has to undergo a change towards the support of what could be considered a doctrine based on the solidarity liberalism, that is to say, a political system that is based on a syncretism of the best of the diverse political options that up to this moment have led humanity to this point certainly away from the values of equality, fraternity and freedom that is in fact the aspiration of any advanced society.
In this sense he firmly believes in a hopeful future in which the people of the world articulate their own resources to achieve stability that guarantees the continuity of the human species in synchrony with the other species of the earth that in the end are the ones that They give support to the balance of life. 





Unidos Podemos

Pablo Iglesias, lider of Podemos.

In Spain he is a member of UNIDOS PODEMOS