New book is here : diary of a bipolar

As a writer Marcos has made scripts for children's puppet Theatre and brief short stories. In January 2018 he published its first book titled Diary of a Bipolar. This is a fragment of the aforementioned work (the beginning).


Stories: the beginning

I come from far away, from a place that is so far  it does not even figure on a map. And I have come to tell you this story, that is both incredible and true. You will see.
Stories that tell stories say that Everything was born out of Love.
Beyond time and imaginable space, on the edge of the universe as we now know it , lived two triangles, one masculine the other feminine, whose destiny was to be united. Sadly, the confines of this infinite space were so great that the chances of their meeting were quite improbable.
Both wandered aimlessly, lost within the  gloomy darkness  that might well be called Nothingness.
And time passed, measured in great magnitudes that are beyond the imagination. Light years that could not be conceived, since, as we have said, darkness was the ruler and queen of that obscurity, were seconds in comparison to the intervals of time and distance which separated our two heroes.
But finally the miracle occurred.  Their determination was so great, their faith  so blind , that our perfect geometrical figures were bound to meet in the midst of this dismal chaos. Their union was so intense that all at once everything began to change.
As if by magic, the world of shadows began to fill with light and clarity to gain ground over darkness, as these equilateral beings, blind with love,  surrendered themselves to each other  in an inevitable  delirium of passion.
But it was not only light that was born in the heart of this remarkaable happening. Something even more astonishing than the  glow  already mentioned had occurred seconds before the first light. I refer to sound. In effect, the meeting between our triangles and the consummation of their act of love, generated the first known  sound. In the midst of the most absolute of silences, the vibration emitted from the epicentre of the star formed by the two  embracing figures, was no other than the letter M, which is in effect, two triangles united. Indeed, a long and continuous M  was generated out of  the immense pleasure experienced by our female heroine through the contact of authentic love with her companion. This, in reality, was the genesis of everything, the origen of creation.
Following this first sound the luminosity began to invade what until now had been a silent, dark abyss.
But something even more incredible was still to come. While the characters strived more and more to give and to receive love, the light emitted from the heart of this  six-pointed star grew ever stronger. And I do indeed, refer to  the singular, for  moments  before the climax,  both bodies, that now had light of their own, had merged into one.
In such a way that out of this new and uniquely perfect being, the absolute synthesis of  feminine and masculine, an enormous  eruption emerged,  an explosion without limits,  which coincided with the final, passionate orgasm.
It was then that the  Universe, fruit of this amorous explosion, emerged, growing and expanding in form of an infinite spiral, givng rise to the galaxies which, in their turn, were also spirals and the stars that broke off in fragments, cooled down and gave birth to the planets. And one of the planets was the Chosen One..
Its distance to the nearest star, the Sun, its circular  path around it were so perfect that the combination of gaseous elements, liquids and solids formed a unique whole that was able to be  home  to something both  great and surprising : Life.
Copyright . Marcos Bárcena



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