"Miniature" Music by Marcos Bàrcena.

Video by Jhonny Gleez.

"I started very young in a very self-taught way.
At first my father didn't like me playing guitar because my grades in high school started coming down.
Time later in a gesture of repentance gave me a postcard of John Lennon with the phrase give peace a chance  and told me that he did not bother to imitate John Lennon who should be a great person and a great first-line artist.
I started playing in the street, and then slowly forming my groups and my own musical career.
I live in a Dream is my last album, recorded with sound engineer Javeta Lopez and between the two we have built this album, which sounds great and where all the participating musicians have contributed the best in all its creative phases.
It is also a love album, from Love to Martha, which for me is the source of inspiration for issues like my home is you or your love for real.
I have spent hard times in my life, which have served me to be who I am and to overcome them very little by little.
I honestly believe that music is the best vehicle to express feelings. It is the most incredible art, it can have many definitions but in summary I would say that it is the best of feelings"