Musical experience

Marcos Bárcena works from two angles, on the one hand, folk and traditional music & on the other hand, Singer songwriter. He is a musician of great activity, having performed countless times in his 30 years of professional dedication.  

He has performed all over Spain and in several countries, such as France, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Barbados and U.S.A. Playing several instruments and singing, he has co-founded some of the most representative bands of Cantabrian Folk, Luétiga & Atlántica.

He has recorded over 20 albums. Some as solo artist, with several bands and participating for other artists like Manuel Luna, Javier Bergia, Luis Pastor and many more. He participated in the compilation of Celtic nations, which was a golden album, selling over 50.000 copies in 1996. In 1999, his album, Tránsitus with Atlántica, received over  5 nominations to music prices, such as best Folk music Album of the year.  In 2002 and 2003 he did productions with the label RTVE music, “Atlántica en directo” and “Desde esta orilla”. As a bagpiper, he has received several prices in the international get together in Saint Chartier (France). Second price as a solo player in 1988 and third price as a duo with accordion player Ramón Bueno.

His latest Discografic projects have been Trébole (2009), Maílla (2010), Mano a mano (2011) y el camino de los lobos (2014), with performer Miguel Cadavieco and Antología (2012), 30 años de música (2016) and vivo en un sueño (2017) as a solo songwriter.

Today he combines his performances with workshops of the traditional music, for children and adults. It’s also frequent to see him live with a Beatles cover band and performing covers versions of the golden rock and folk period. In 2014 he has received the price of the interceltic festival of Orejo for his 30 years of dedication.